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How Australia?s Winking Tony Abbott Became One Of The World?s Most Unpopular Prime Ministers

Tim Leggoe, esq. (@leggoet) May 18, 2014 On Wednesday, another scandal exploded. The Guardian dropped a story saying Abbotts daughter had received a $60,000 chairmans scholarship to a prestigious design school where a big Abbott donor chairs the board of governors. Team Abbott said she snared the scholarship on merit alone, but classmates question that assertion.Having studied in the same classes alongside Tony Abbotts daughter, one said , I can assure you that [there were] http://pauosleiltta.soup.io some extremely talented people who were more deserving of a $60,000 scholarship. Abbott visit the site is also taking heat from environmentalists. He once referred to climate change as crap, and has since come under criticism for his decision to allow the dredging of the famed Great Barrier Reef. Later, news hit that dredging has had significantly more impact on the Great Barrier than earlier claimed, and that it faced unprecedented threats. Bruce Campbell (@nvisionthing_au) May 18, 2014 Making environmentalists even madder, Abbott wants to allow some logging in national forests. He also abolished Max Workouts Australias climate commission and defunded scientific research. Abbotts also restored the honorific title of dame.But some women, it turns out, dont much like the guy either.
More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/05/22/how-australias-winking-tony-abbott-became-one-of-the-worlds-most-unpopular-prime-ministers/

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